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iOS 8 mobile operating system

Apple’s annual WWDC is approaching fast and the rumors are getting higher. We aren’t much far away from the June 2 that will uncover all of Apple’s plans for its operating systems, iOS and OS X. Here we’ve made a guess work of expected features of iOS 8 that’ll be the major highlights of the new mobile operating system.

Healthbook App

Healthbook App

Seeing the different reports on veritable sources, we are pretty sure about Apple Healthbook, app that tracks all the data necessary to a person who’s very health conscious. It wouldn’t be a surprise as its competitors have already come up with the health-oriented devices like Samsung Galaxy S5 that has an ability to track your heart beat. Definitely, the app won’t work itself. It’ll need another device to get data from. It is said that Apple iWatch is the device that will assist the app to work properly. The app then would be able to track calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled, blood and sugar level.

Improved Siri

Improved Siri

This time, Apple will bring more improved Siri along with iOS 8 to avoid the nuisance when it doesn’t get you exactly. There’re some reports indicating Apple to integrate Shazam into Siri, allowing the users to ask which song is playing, no need to open the Shazam app.

Split-screen Apps

That’s biggie for those who wanted to see two apps running at the same time on their iPhones. Sources close to the news suggest that users will be able to interact the different apps; drag the image from one application to another app. It’s like what we’ve seen in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

Don’t take it final as Apple hasn’t confirmed anything so far. So, we better suggest you to wait until June 2 that’ll uncover everything thing.


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