Facebook Adds New Right-hand Column to Its iPad App

| June 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

facebook adds new column

On Monday, the social networking giant Facebook added a new right-hand column to its iPad app brining more ease for the tablet users to have access on the trending games and content.

The Facebook users on the web will be familiar with the new layout. It’s a new column showing trendy content and games that users are interested in. Facebook calls it a new change which is under consideration meaning not every iPad user will see this new column. If it gets good reviews then could come on every iPad.

The team at Facebook is intended to make its services more cozy. Adding the games on the column will grab the users’ interest when they are free and want to play some of their favorite games. It’s a great opportunity for the developers to exhibit their games in that column as well.

Facebook updated its iPad app

Apart from games, there’ll be also other trending videos and topics that users might like. It isn’t that every user is getting the same content. It varies user to user depending on their interest. The results are dynamically generated for the each user.

Facebook v11.0 is now available for free at Apple App Store and will cover 62.2-megabyte of your handset’s memory.


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