What to Expect from iOS 8

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Apple's new mobile OS

We have seen Apple’s distribution reports for its mobile operation system and found that the only Apple users are more loyal towards new updates than any other. As Google’s Android KitKat even couldn’t get the 10% of the active devices after six months of the release. So, it is suffice to say that Apple has been successful shifting its users to the latest versions. Anyhow, Apple’s new mobile OS is about to come at WWDC in the first week of June in San Francisco. Here, we’ll let you know what you guys are gonna see in the new iOS 8.

Apple Healthbook app

Seeing the growing attention of folks for health issues, Apple will bring its all-new Healthbook app along with iOS 8 and it is the most believable feature of the new iOS 8 that could be seen debuting next month. The app is a one-shop health center that tracks your heart beat, sugar level, sleep, respiratory rate, blood pressure and lot more. One thing that comes to our minds is; how it’s gonna work, will there be a special device Apple is planning for?  Of course, it won’t work itself. Many reports point Apple iWatch to work with Healthbook app.

Apple iTunes Radio

Another thing that might come with iOS 8 is iTunes Radio with more improved options. There’s a new song recognition mode that tells the users which song they are listening to. It is also in the air Apple is planning to revamp its Maps with enhanced public transit directions and routes.

Apple CarPlay feature

Apple’s CarPaly is the only one that has been confirmed by the Apple officially. So, we are 100% sure about this new feature to come along with iOS 8.

Apple hasn’t disclosed anything regarding its iOS 8 so far. Anyhow, we’ll let you know if Apple announces anything officially. Stay tuned!


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