What We Can Expect from Apple in 2014?

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Apple in 2014

The 2013 has been good for Apple as the company unleashed new products in every category i.e. iPhone, MacBook, iMac and iPad. The diversity in launching set the Apple to get nice outcomes. Now, how would Apple in 2014, what does Apple plan for? These kind of questions have been floating around the tech society. We’ll bring you the most possible speculations that might catch your interest.

Many people believe that the new Mac Pro has set a great tone for 2014. It revives the faith of users who didn’t expect any big from Apple after the Steve Jobs. The device is small but yet powerful that could tempt anyone to buy.

What’s new in 2014

iWatch ultimate device

It’s time for a highly anticipated Apple iWatch that could make the things worse for its competitors. Tim Cook (Apple CEO) points many times that they are in the favor of launching wearable technology and talks about wrist area specifically.

Apart from Apple iWatch, Apple could launch an iPhone with a bigger screen display that might be of 4.7-inch or 5.7-inch. Actually, Samsung ignited Apple to introduce some bigger iPhone as Galaxy S4 has been very outstanding from all perspectives. So, in that context we could expect some bigger devices including iPhone 6 and iPad Pro in 2014.

iPhone 6 with new ideas

So in short, Apple might reveal iWatch, Apple TV and larger iOS devices. The new MacBook Air with the latest processor and Mac OS X is also in the air to come in 2014. The iPhone 6 could hold new iOS 8 with inventive ideas.

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