Cafeios Roundup May 2014

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cafeios roundup

May 2014 has been good bringing How-tos, collection of iOS Apps, list of iPhone and iPad cases, iOS accessories and some news for iPhone 6 and iOS 8. If you missed any of them, then now you got a chance to review it in our cafeios roundup.

Tips to Boost iPhone Battery Life

The month started with a handy guide letting you know about how you can boost your iPhone’s battery life. It’s one of the main things that every iPhone users would like to know. The post might do the job for a person looking to enhance its phone’s battery life.

Latest Mockup Shows off Grey Hue for Apple’s Next iPhone 6

This is for Apple enthusiasts; a mockup at Nowhereelse appears on the web suggesting grey hue for the upcoming iPhone 6. It talks about the rounded edges and slim design that Apple hasn’t ever come with. It may or may not be real but its competitors like Samsung, HTC, and Sony might compel Apple to sidestep all of its traditions that stop it to bring a new design.

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Best iOS Games Released in Last Month

If you are after some thrilling games and want your idle time to be spent decently, then you should give this post a little consideration that may help you meet with your perfect title. One of them could be irritating because of tough gameplay. Think you can beat it, give it a try.

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New Slew of iOS Apps This Week

Have got bored with your iPhone as there’s nothing left for your interest? No worries, this post might help you resurrect your relation with your device. From making a nice recipe to editing your photos, the iOS apps roundup includes a lot more to explore.

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New iOS Accessories this Week – New Arrival

Looking for an accessory that helps you get the best out of your iOS device? You are at right place, this post brings you the latest bundle of iOS accessories letting you explore more using your iOS device.

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