Budget iPhone and iPhone 5S Image and Price Claims

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Interest is really getting higher now for the estimated release of the Budget iPhone and iPhone 5S. All the factors are pointing to a September launch for the upcoming iPhone, and recently its arisen to look progressively likely that Apple is in fact to bring out a low cost iPhone. Some latest leaked images have appeared of budget iPhone and iPhone 5S, emphasizing the possibility of 2 new arrivals soon.

 Not too much long ago we told of a report that a the new budget iPhone would be dispatched in the August for a release in the September. For some time now we have also estimated a release for the iPhone 5S around the same time. Its enormously likely that the upcoming iPhone will release the running iOS 7, which is due for the public release in the fall, so everything is starting to tie in nicely.

We seem to see more seeped images look as we get closer to the release of the new device, and we have already seen seeped component images and concept versions of the budget iPhone and iPhone 5S. we are sharing the images that supposed to be the iPhone 5S framework and casing of budget iPhone.

Budget iPhone and iPhone 5S Image and Price Claims

The image below is directly claimed to be of budget iPhone casing, and as you can notice that there are different color variations including green, blue, red, yellow and white. The leak from the Taiwanese publication also narrates that the upcoming device is made from the plastic, as we estimated.

Price of the new budget iPhone is also given as $349 for 16GB model, 32GB for $449, or 64GB variant for $549, and the specs are supposed to be similar to those of the existing iPhone 5. Though much of this ties in with the previous speculation, we must emphasize that so far all of the above details are unverified including the price.

Budget iPhone and iPhone 5S Image and Price Claims

Coming to the iPhone 5S, and the image below that story spectacles what is claimed to be an aluminum framework of the handset. The specs, which have been seeped and rumored so far comprise a 4 inch IGZO display with the resolution of 1136 x 640 and 2GB of RAM, 326 ppi and 12 megapixel rear camera. We had estimated an enhanced processor but it seems the CPU might be same as one used on the current iPhone, though graphics might be upgraded.

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