Archos Announces A Slew of iOS-Compatible Devices

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Archos new products at CES 2014

Archos (Electronics Maker) pre-announced a host of iOS-compatible devices on Monday, the company plans to show off them at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014. 

The Archos devices are compatible with the both Android and iOS mobile OS. They get easily connected to your tablets and Smartphones through a low energy Bluetooth, and are focused on improving connectivity at home and enhancing personal health, ‘’ the Company says.

Above all, Archos is about to reveal its innovations that also include Smart Watches at Consumer Electronics Show 2014 that might come with a price tag of $50. These Smart watches also have an ability to measure blood pressure flowing in your veins.

invitation from Archos

Archos will also introduce a Self App for iOS devices, and with the assistance of this app these products will work, and consumers will be able to see their health performance.

Apart from Smart watches, Archos will also shock you with its heap of new products at CES 2014, including motion ball, mini camera, weather tag, smart plug and movement tag. The 7-inch smart Home tablet would also be seen at Archos show.

Archos new devicesThey are also planning to uncover an ‘Archos Weather Station’ that will provide all outdoor and indoor climate info comprising humidity, CO2 levels, atmospheric pressure, noise level and temperature. This will work with the synchronization of a weather station application which’ll be available for the iOS users.

Source: Apple Insider


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