Apple’s Smartphone Market Share Drops to 3 year low

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Apple's Smartphone Market Share Drops to 3 year low

Apple’s Smartphone Marker share dropped in the 2nd quarter to its lowest level in 3 years, the research firm strategy analytics said.

The share of the Apple’s Smartphone slipped to 13.6% in the quarter from the 16.6% in the same quarter previous year. The largest seller Samsung Electronics, though, saw its share fly to over the 33% from over the 31% in the same period. Samsung dispatched over 2 times the number of Smartphones Apple did in the quarter, the strategy analytics said.

Apple's Smartphone Market Share Drops to 3 year low

The Apple is at peril of being trapped between the 3~inch Android Smartphone models at low end and 5~inch Android models at high end, the exploration firm said Thursday. Apple’s Smartphone Market share in the 2Q was the lowest since the 2Q of the 2010, moreover, in contrast, the Samsung saw heavy demand in the China an many other countries for its flagship Galaxy S4 product, that helped rise volumes.

The sales of iPhone hit 31.2 million in the period of April to June quarter, a record for the cycle, the apple said this week earlier. It had sold twenty six million handsets in the same quarter previous year.

Generally, Smartphone shipments raised 47% year~on~year to reach a record of two hundred and thirty million units in the 2Q  of 2013, the strategy analytics said. LG possessed a share of 5.3%, while the ZTE had five percent and Huawei technologies had 4.8% of the Smartphone market. The firm listed some other vendors as together keeping a share of 38.2% in the quarter.

IDC stated Thursday a 52.3% growth in the Smartphone market share with the 238 million pieces dispatched in the 2Q. The buyers might have suspended iPhone purchases estimating the release of the upcoming~generation device in the fall, Moreover. The Apple’s sales might accelerate internationally if it releases a lower~cost iPhone and lasts to enter prepaid markets in the quarter to originate, IDC said.

Internationally mobile phone market raised 6% year~on~year in the 2Q of 2013 to over the 432 million pieces, according to the IDC. Strategy analytics said the consignment touched 386 million units, a rise of 4% year~on~year.

The research firm didn’t rapidly comment on the cause for the deviations in their estimates.

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