Apple’s New Patents Point Solar Based Devices

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Apple’s New Patents Point Solar Based Device

Apple could be in a boom season in the upcoming times as there’re some inventive patents being taken under the consideration of the company. The sources near to the news are pointing solar technology to be implanted in the upcoming Apple’s devices. It would be a revolutionary thing coming in our handsets.

Apple plans to be working on a new device, which’ll pack an ability to let the light in and then convert it into the life for your device through solar cells. The key factor of the patent is its Smart Glass, that acts like a sunglass to absorb energy from the natural light.

Let’s know how it works? The idea includes a special layer of photovoltaic cells, which are found in the solar panels that next absorb the energy. It’ll be positioned on the back side of your device with a relation to the LCD screen. The Smart Glass employs a technology that detects nature light and then stores it for the device’s usage.

Apple’s New Patents Point Solar Based Device,,

There was also a patent given to the Apple, that focuses on the rear-facing controls for the game enthusiasts. It’ll allow the game users to get a control over any game simply placing their hands on the back side of your device, that we do normally. So, no need to buy an extra game controller as it feels you more original.

One thing which we get from these patents, Apple might be testing cellular-connected devices. May be, Apple wants its devices to be working independently, without having a relation with wires.  So, please share your views about Apple’s new patents in the comment section below.


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