Apple’s iWatch Faces Competition for Trademark in the Europe

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Apple’s iWatch Faces Competition for Trademark in the Europe

Apple is going to face competition in the Europe for the iWatch trademark as it already has filed for in Taiwan, Japan and Mexico, because the other companies already have registered in relevant trademark categories.

One of them is Probendi, an Italian corporation that is fused in the U.S. In February (2009), Probendi registered the trademark of Europe for iWatch (OHIM), The European agency is responsible for the registering trademark & designs which are valid in over 28 countries of the E.U.

Probendi possesses the word mark for ‘’iWatch’’ and uses this word for a mobile phone app which sends real time audio, location data and video to an online substitute & the security support system which can be used by the emergency services, rendering to a brochure about the product. Probendi’s director, Daniele Di Salvo, could not rapidly comment on Apple’s  trademark fillings on Friday.

That probendi possesses the word mark in the E.U. Does not mean which Apple cannot for the European iWatch trademark, said by the Margarita Garcia ( OHIM’s information center). ‘’We are an organized institution, we don’t reject the applications’’, she said. ‘’ We cannot become a party in these kind of battles.’’

Apple’s iWatch Faces Competition for Trademark in the Europe

The online description of the OHIM’s procedures, it is the registrant’s task to defend their trademark, & for some applicants to validate that already registered trademarks aren’t being used.

The situation is similar in the U.K. where the Probendi possesses the trademark, records at the IPO (intellectual property office) show. In U.K., an application from turkey for ‘’i_watch’’ in jewelry category is still pending.

In the Germany, Matrix security is registered a visual iWatch trademark, records of Trademark Office of Germany showed. And in this June, Vanessa Hansen, also applied for ‘’IWatch’’ for the German word mark. So, in short Apple’s iWatch is facing high competition for trademark in the Europe.

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