Apple’s iPhone holds 42% of the Smartphones Owned in US

| January 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Apple remains at top of the list

The two new releases of Apple’s iPhone helped it to gain a larger share of the Smartphones owned in the U.S. in 3Q of 2013, Samsung stands with 26% that might give tough time to Apple in the near future, according to the recent figures conducted by NPD Group.

NPD Recent Data showing Apple's lead

On Thursday, NPD Group released its latest data that confirms Apple’s lead in the world of Smartphones which rises from 35% to 42%. Samsung is also growing well as it makes a transition from 22% to 26%. Collectively, Apple and its rival Samsung occupy 68% of the Smartphones owned in America.

Apparently, Samsung and Apple are looking good. On the contrary side, other Smartphone manufacturers like HTC, BlackBerry and Motorola have been unsuccessful to get a prominent figure. The whole data ensures the bright future of Apple and Samsung.

One thing observed by NPD, is the high penetration of Smartphones into the American Society. Every sixth user out of ten uses Smartphone, that’s really amazing. They also revealed top music services that include Pandora, Spotify and heart Radio.

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Source: Apple Insider


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