Apple’s iPhone 5S Production Starts This Month

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Apple’s iPhone 5S Production Starts This Month

Apple seems to start the production of iPhone 5S this month with the aim of launching it in the late September or the early October, Jefferies analyst the Peter Misek wrote in a specific note to the investors this morning.

In addition to the Apple’s iPhone 5S, Apple also past month started assembly of the much~rumored lower~cost iPhone, that’ll be priced at about $300 to $ 400, he added.

Apple’s iPhone 5S Production Starts This Month

Misek thinks that the Apple will set in orders for twenty five to thirty million iPhone units during the fall quarter, then ramp up fifty to fifty five million units during the holiday period. For the quarter starting in the December, Apple  plans to construct about five million iPhone 4S handsets, twenty million low~cost iPhones, and twenty five million iPhone 5S handsets. He did not mention the iPhone 5 ($605.00 at amazon).

‘’ though the big construct plan shows Apple’s sureness in the upcoming product releases, we remain alert as our checks show mostly incremental feature promotions for the Apple’s iPhone 5S,’’ report notes.’’ The Galaxy S4 (599.99 at amazon) continues to get share and the Apple’s iPhone 5S will have to compete with the Google’s Moto X phone.’’

Apple’s iPhone 5S Production Starts This Month

So if you were expecting the Apple’s iPhone 5S would look comprehensively different than its forerunners. You better not hold your heartbeat.

We should observe that the Misek’s previous predictions have not always been entirely accurate. The analyst earlier predicted that the Apple’s iPhone 5S production would start in the March for a June or July launch. Moreover, last year he wrongly forecasted that the release of an Apple~branded television set was near.

His newest prediction does, although, follow the reports that contract production giant Foxconn has  been hiring workers to construct an Apple’s next iPhone. The Foxconn recruiting push is being directed ‘’ particularly for the production of an upcoming iPhone model,’’ according to a DigiTimes report. So, we will have to see and wait what Apple has in store.


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