Apple wins 3G Patent case against Samsung in UK

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Technology brands patent war is not a new thing and news to be stunned. Technology lovers mostly listen to such news in which technology brands file patent cases to protect their future considerations of product and services ideas. Technology field has always been challenging when it comes to provide more innovative and new technological updates and services because of the competition in tech-market.

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Technology trend setters companies like Apple keep on working on the newness and more updated and technological upgraded version of their current successful products. Samsung and Apple are tech-market giants now after a recent 3 years tough competition in the market of smart phones and tablets.

apple 3G Patent winRecently Apple won a patent case against Samsung in the UK which was brought to the scene about use of standard essential 3G patents. Court gave the verdict that products do not violate Samsung patents for data transfer between devices on a 3G network (According to ZDnet). Whereas Samsung claims of 2.5% share on sales of Apple 3G products and now it might be little low in value as Apple won another case against Samsung.

How this 3G Patent win would impact on Apple?


  • This 3G Patent case victory of Apple would possibly be considered beneficial for the Apple because when such cases come to the scene.
  • Experts and consumers keep an eye on the proceedings and keen to see the end result and a party who wins the case and gets the judgment in favor makes customers attracted towards them.
  • This 3G Patent case win over Samsung might help Apple to make its impression more bright in the near future as Samsung has given a tough competition to the Apple with the some outstanding Android and other Tablet products.
  • Samsung smartphones Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Note 2 and other smart phones have made Samsung profitable and actually rebranded Samsung’s mobile phone section with the record sales of Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Apple has a vital market share in the smart phones and technology in the world and would be working to keep the dominance in the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and ipod.

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