Apple Updates its iBeacon System

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Apple Updates its iBeacon System

Apple is improving customer service and GPS tracking to the whole new level with iBeacon. The iBeacon system is a new system which Apple is applying in its all retail stores.

The new feature sends push notifications and text messages to the users about Apple devices such as when your new iPhone is ready to take. Above all this, whenever you go into the Apple Store, you will be awarded a series of notifications and text messages offering and describing assistance on your location in Apple store.

Apple Updates its iBeacon System

iBeacon is concentrating on the improvement of customer experience by solving the queries that can be observed by a user while visiting Apple store. Apple wants to make it more efficient by offering a comprehensive information in its store.

The program will have coupons, product promotions and demonstrations. It’ll also let you put a shopping cart onto your handset when you’re in the  store, which is really good for the Apple users as they can shop with more improved options. Other organizations are also working on iBeacon for their own interest.

Apple Updates its iBeacon System

When you go into the  store, you will need to make sure that your handset’s wifi is ON as well as Bluetooth because iBeacon depend on low energy Bluetooth technology to detect your proximity.

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