Apple Released iOS 6.1.3 for iOS Devices with Improvements

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Big News for Apple fans and iOS users is that Apple has released iOS 6.1.3 for iOS devices with some improvements in the updated OS for Apple iPhone and iPad devices. The deal exactly million of users were looking to get for days. The Update looks to solve lock screen bug which was causing a lot of trouble of iPhone Users which was previously causing security breach on the iPhone. This security problem was found in February and users kept on waiting after this problem was highlighed on the social media platforms and blogging media as well.


Apple released iOS 6.1.3 to iOS owners might became one of the news which became sigh of satisfaction to the many people in the world who were anxiously waiting for this update. Now iPhone and iOS users are hoping that security and lockscreen hack problem would have been solved. Solving that serious hack  which was making anyone able to bypass your password and access the data and information on your iOS device.


Users with jailbreak iOS devices might be looking to avoid many updates.  Now according to different News that  Maps app has been improved in Japan and helping iOS users with better user experience. Apple has been busy in fixing manyissues highlighed by different blogs and website networks. Few of the updates were became possible after being highlighted by evad3rs jailbreak team is releaser of evasi0n jailbreak. This iOS 6.1.3 update is available for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad via Software Update and might be helping many users who are currently using iPhones and iPads devices worldwide.

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Apple fans and users might be appy with the Apple iOS 6.1.3 release and they will be thinking that what will happen with iPad 6 or iPad mini 2 version and Iphone 5S.

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