Apple Purportedly Testing Larger iPhones and iPads

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Apple Purportedly Testing Larger iPhones and iPads

The Apple might be working on the larger iPhones and iPads, According to the report by the Wall Street Journal. The officials at the company’s dealers have apparently stated that the Apple has demanded screen designs for the tablet device sporting a display just under the 13 inches. The prototype iPhones with the larger screens are reportedly also under the progress, consistent with the previous report by the Reuters signifying that the Apple was discovering the possibility of 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches for its Smartphone.

This shows that Apple is wildly taking interest in producing larger display in their upcoming devices as the competitors have compelled Apple to produce larger display. Moreover, the customers are showing their willingness to see next iPhone along with larger screen or display.

Apple Purportedly Testing Larger iPhones and iPads

The Wall Street journal’s sources state that the production for the upcoming 9.7 inch iPad is estimated to ramp up in the near future, that is said to use a thinner and larger design.

Apple Purportedly Testing Larger iPhones and iPads

It is very important to note that the prototypes aren’t always indicative of the actual products. And that it’s commonplace for the companies to test a wide range of devices before determining whether or not to carry on the development process. Although, the reports might be a sign that the Apple is showing interest to expand its product range even further, probably it could be a reaction to the competitor Samsung due to its large line of mobile devices.


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