Apple Podcasts App Gets a Siri Support

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Apple Podcasts AppApple on Thursday brings a Siri support to its Podcasts application. Now, users can enjoy their favorite music by simply asking Siri, which reduces the nuisance of searching manually. You can ask for specific episode or podcasts one by one using Siri support, a recently-added option. ‘’Play the Splendid Table podcasts’’, and in no time you’ll be listening to your favorite podcast.

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Furthermore, the Podcasts v2.1 now has the ability to integrate with Apple’s CarPlay feature and users can share links through AirDrop and quickly play any kind of station they like from the Stations List by simply hitting on the ‘Play Button’.

Apple also tried to improve the way users browse or manage the individual episodes. There’s a new ‘Unplayed Tab’ that shows you all of the episodes which you’ve yet to play. That’s really awesome as you don’t miss any of your favorite podcasts. The update also includes a new ‘Feed Tab’ showing off the episodes that are ready for download or stream. If you think your connection won’t be good, then you can save your episodes to play them offline. Now, users can open links in safari that are in the description of a podcast.

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The update also brings some bug fixes to tackle the playback problems and issues while downloading podcasts.

You need to update to iTunes 11.2 if you want to sync your podcasts between your iOS device and computer. Apple highly recommends that you should be having iTunes 11.2 for a smooth running of Podcasts application.

How you look at the new update of Podcasts app? Please feel free and sound off in the comment section below.


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