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Two iPhones

The rumor mill of iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to be ending until Apple announces it officially. This time, we’ll discuss another story that’s being popped up across the different tech blogs. It says, Apple will be launching two iPhones; one with 4.7-inch while other with 5.5-inch screen size.

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However, there’s no specific word on their names but the story looks to be true as we have seen Apple announcing iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year. But this time, there won’t be any difference between the handsets except the screen size. Going for the mid-range device like it did with iPhone 5C isn’t going to work for the company.

If you think both of the flagship smartphones will be announced in September, then you may be wrong. According to the inside sources, Apple has a plan for separate announcements; the 4.7-inch iPhone for September and the 5.5-inch version for later months. It could be a gimmick of marketing strategies to stay in the game.

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Anyhow, Apple hasn’t disclosed anything regarding iPhone 6 so far. So, take this post as a pinch of salt and we’ll let you know if there comes anything official from the company. Stay tuned!

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