Apple Likely to Announce its Smart Home Concept at WWDC 2014

| May 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

Apple smart home technology

Apple’s annual worldwide developers conference approaching near, as we all know it’ll largely cover software developments. So, new versions of iOS and OS X could debut in the event on June 2. But, there’re some reports on the web suggesting Apple to announce its Smart Home technology at WWDC in San Francisco. If it gets true, then it would be Apple’s first move for the home automation.

Seeing its competitors like Samsung and Google, Apple may also want to step in that field. With this technology, Apple users will be able to control their home appliances, lights, doors and much more that can go well with their iOS devices. It would be like Apple’s Made for iPhone, a program in which company lets 3rd parties to produce products which are compatible with iOS devices. If there’s any reality in this news, then Apple needs to come up with the stuff that can beat its competitors.

According to a report at Financial Times, Apple recommends select manufacturing companies to develop products especially designed for its iOS devices. But, report neither names any of them nor explains the procedure how it’ll work. One thing that comes to our mind is; Apple will only bring this smart home technology to its upcoming devices.

The report may or may not be true. So we better suggest you to wait until  WWDC 2014 which is set to be held on June 2. We’ll let you know if there comes anything official from the company.

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