Apple iWatch Releases in 2014?

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Apple iWatch Releases in 2014?

You might have heard lots of rumors related to the Apple iWatch release date as it has got the public interest greatly. Many experts have said that it may be a great project of Apple company if they launch it at the right time as other competitors of the Apple are also showing interest in iWatch idea and some of them have also started work on it.

Apple is  antagonistically hiring employees to work on its iWatch project, that is set to release in late 2014. Apple wants to make it more sophisticated so that it can get public linking widely and that’s why the Apple is making delay in the release of iWatch.

Apple iWatch Releases in 2014?

The Financial Times states that the Apple wants to get in some fresh expertise to contract with a number of design glitches. It is a big challenge for the engineers as they have to produce some unique design that should be eye-catching.

Sources familiar with the Apple’s strategies told about the publication that the firm’s engineers have got some problems that they have not been able to fix. They added that the signing of new employees advocates the Apple iWatch won’t be ready for the release until the latter part of the 2014.

Apple iWatch Releases in 2014?Rumors of Apple making wearable technology began at the beginning of the year.

In June, the Apple was revealed that the company had filed a trademark for the name of iWatch with the Russian Federal Service for the Intellectual Property. After some days later, reports advocated that the iWatch had been trademarked in Japan, Mexico,Taiwan and Turkey.

The wearable technology is projected to be a communicator device for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.


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