Apple iPhone 6 Updates – New Patent, Specs & Date Rumors

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The newly-exposed patent for the iPhone 6 lets the users tag images using their voice only that brings technology more close to you. Instead it’s a quick and simple way to tag photo with great ease.

The Apple new patent works under the policy of ‘’ voice-based photo searching & tagging’’, and sports a new feature which requires your natural voice such as ‘’At Christmas Party’’. Don’t fuss, you’ll get your hands on this innovative technology soon.

Apple iPhone 6 Updates

Apple introduced Photo-Sorting feature in the iOS 7 that puts the users into an ability to find photos with location and time sorting. But this new patent commits more new ideas that enables Siri to find out the photos based on their tag faces taken on an image. The new feature also packs an ability to recognize landscapes or buildings.

The new iPhone 6 may come in the month of May 2014 along with iPad Max and large tablet in October, according to a new speculation made by Digitmes.

The new device might hold the EYE ID scanning technology that could tease its opponents like Samsung, HTC and Nokia. It will be the star feature of the upcoming iPhone 6. It’s just not going to behave as a passcode that unlocks your phone but also lets you log into your personal accounts such as bank accounts that haven’t been secured like that before. For further info about upcoming Smartphones, you may check our detailed speculations here.

Check this video demo that takes you behind this technology how it’ll work.

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