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iPhone 6 latest gossips

The battle has just started with the release of Galaxy S5 from the Samsung. Now, it’s time for Apple to release its next iPhone that might shock the world with new innovations. The rumor mill around Apple iPhone 6 is getting higher with the every passing moment. Really, Apple will have to be more futuristic in its approach to design next iPhone.

Anyhow, the latest rumors point the early release of iPhone 6, which could be set in the month of July. The highly anticipated iPhone 6 is rumored to pack a larger screen display which is against the Apple traditions. But, it’s important to move with the present day requirements that don’t care about anyone’s traditions and vary time to time. Apple will have to change the rules that somehow causing low appreciation from the users. Folks want to see more versatility in everything.

Most possible Design

According to many analysts, it’s a great chance for Apple to set new trends by launching a high-end device that could really beat Samsung’s flagship. It’s likely that we can see Apple releasing its flagship handset earlier due to the early release of Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here’s a video demo of iPhone 6 that says a lot…

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