Apple iOS 8 – The New Features You Need to Know About

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Apple iOS 8

It’s likely that Apple will unveil its new operating system, iOS 8 at WWDC which is set to be held on June 2. Though, we are only a month away from the event but that doesn’t stop folks to make guesswork of what Apple will bring new with iOS 8. Here’s a list of possible features that could be seen in iOS 8.


It’s the most believable new app that might come with iOS 8 covering the health issues. The app allows the users to track blood pressure, heart beat, glucose level and more. For many, it could be a gimmick of Apple to boost its new products’ sale. This app isn’t going to work itself, for this Apple will go for another device like iWatch or it could be from 3rd party.

New Notification Center

Notification Center is the another area where iOS 8 might do some changes. There are some chances of a new overhaul of Notification Center in iOS 8. It’s likely that the Notification Center would be less cluttered than the iOS 7.

Siri Enhancements

According to the latest reports and rumors floating around the tech society, Siri will combine more new features in iOS 8. Now, it will understand user’s commands more accurately and efficiently.


With the arrival of Apple’s new CarPlay feature, iOS 8 is likely to get a new enhancement dubbed DriveMode, which locks down the iPhone while users are busy in driving.

Anyhow, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything regarding its new operating system, iOS 8 so far. We will let you know when something happens official from the company.


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