Apple iOS 7 Runs on 85% of the Active Devices

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iOS 7 adoption rate

On Monday, Apple announced iOS 7 adoption rate on its developer site. The new figure is really doing well for its current operating system, that is iOS 7 as it is now being run on 85% of the active devices. iOS 6 declined markedly and scores 12% of the whole iOS devices.

The survey is carried out through App Store during 7-day time period. Analyzing the new figure, it’s suffice to say that iOS 7 is being popular with the passage of time. When it was first announced back in 2013, the adoption rate was 52% which now has been increased up to 85%. It’s far better than Android OS who’s latest KitKat version isn’t that well when compared with iOS 7. It is so because Apple users have always been very quick in updating to the latest upgrade than Android users.

iOS 7 adoption rate ..

Early in the 2014, iOS 7 accounted for 80% in the January, and 83% in February. So, it’s getting better with the time as it now has been bumped up to 85%. The iOS 7 wallops iOS 6 which now shrinks to 12%, while other versions hold a minor 3% of the all active devices.

It’s likely the iOS 7 adoption rate will go much far as we’ve seen iOS 7.1 coming with CarPlay feature, Touch ID improvements and more. So, it’s a chance that we’ll be seeing it with 90+ percent next time.

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Source: Apple Insider


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