Apple Introduces iOS in the Car For Select Automobile Makers

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Apple Introduces iOS in the Car For Select Automobile Makers

Seeing other rivals making announcements at Mobile World Congress, Apple to hold an announcement regarding iOS in the Car next week. A report points some selective automakers with whom Apple will implement this new technology. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are supposed to be the ones where we can see Apple’s new technology.

The sources close to the news confirm the Financial Times that Apple to announce iOS in the Car next week at Geneva Motor Show. With this technology, the drivers will be having fun with Apple Maps, videos, music, voice calls, Siri and a lot more.

Apple's plans for auotmobiles

For your information, the aforementioned Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz have been with Apple as a launch partners at WWDC 2013. So, this gives more weight to this story. Tough we had an idea that Apple is working on that sort of project but couldn’t imagine the early announcement which is going to be next week. A report also came out in the January that pointed some delay in this project due to some problems. It may or may not be real, don’t worry next week isn’t far away that’ll better expose the things. Anyhow, take this post as a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed by the Apple officially.

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Source: Apple Insider


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