Apple Healthbook App Gets Revealed – Get Ready for Big Thing

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Apple Healthbook App

Today, we’ve got our hands around Apple Healthbook app, which would be the company’s first and major move for the health fitness. It’s likely that we’ll see Apple launching this application along with brand-new iOS 8 at the annual WWDC show.

The thing to take from this new app is how it’s going to work. Definitely, it’ll need a device to work. What is that device? The question arises and we’re pretty sure that Apple is prepping something innovative for its users.

Let’s get into what healthbook intends to do with our lives. The new app tracks your blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep, hydration, sugar level and more. It would really be a milestone to the tech world if Apple succeeds in producing a device that can measure all of the aforementioned terms. Relying on any third-party device isn’t a suitable thing for a company that claims to be innovative.

Apple Healthbook App

The Healthbook looks like a complete package from all perspectives. It could open up new doors for Apple technology. Let’s see what Apple holds for 2014 as the ‘’big plans’’ (Tim Cook’s wording) points something really big which we all would like to see. Apple will start its launching as typically in September of October.

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