Apple Confirmed iOS 8 Release Date – MacBook Air (Retina) Might Come Along

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Apple iOS 8 mobile operating system

According to a report at Gottabemobile, Apple has finalized the iOS 8 release date. There’re also some chances to see Apple announcing OS X 10.10. All this will happen on June 2 at Apple’s annual WWDC show. MacBook Air with Retina Display is also said to be come along.

Though, we all know that Apple’s WWDC is mainly dedicated to the software development. So, that makes some sense when we talk about iOS 8 or Mac OS X, but MacBook Air (Retina) doesn’t make any sense as we’ve seen Apple refreshing its MacBook Air lineup a few weeks ago. If there were some plans for MacBook Air (Retina), then it was the right time to unveil it. Anyhow, we can’t say 100% about Apple’s upcoming plans. We aren’t much far away from 2nd June that will tell everything.

Surely, OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 will be the starts of WWDC event. There’re lots of rumors being popped up around the tech society for both of the operating systems. The OS X 10.10 is likely to pack an iOS 7-sort-of redesign while iOS 8 won’t be much different from iOS 7 released last year. But, there’ll be a new app dubbed as Healthbook that covers health issues by tracking heartbeat, sugar level, sleep, steps and a lot more. Upgrades for Apple Maps and Siri are also supposed to come with iOS 8.

Take this post as pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed by the Apple officially so far. We better suggest you to wait until June 2. Have something to add to this story? Please share your views in the comment section given below.


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