Apple Celebrates 5 Years Of The App Store With Free Games & Apps

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Apple Celebrates 5 Years Of The App Store With Free Games & Apps

When we talk about the Apple App Store the only thing that comes to our minds that they have grown up so swiftly as Apple celebrates the 5 years of the App Store with 5 free games and 5 apps. It means people are showing interest in the App Store as they get their desired apps from it.

Apple is offering a number of popular and significant apps for the low price. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Big goose egg. Free. There are 5 games and 5 apps ( I notice there is a whole ‘’5’’ theme going on) available for the download, all of them are important in some way: On app side, you can get the Barefoot World Atlas, journal/diary app day one, Photo captioning software over, how to cook everything, and normally Traktor DJ iPhone $20.

If you are more conscious about games than anything, Badland ( design award winner of the apple) is up for grabs, along with the significant Infinity Blade II, the superbrothers: Sworcery & Sword EP, Disney’s famous Where’s My Water? And the kindly Avians of the Tiny Wings.

Apple Celebrates 5 Years Of The App Store With Free Games & Apps

That is a lot of fabulous apps and games, to be sure, and perhaps you will even be fortified to browse aisles and spend your money on the thousands of other awesome options. Remember, you can get these for a little while, else you might have to delay for another great App Store birthday to roll around. Enjoy the Apple 5th birthday with five popular free apps and five free games as they are inviting you to become a part of this celebration by giving some famous apps and games for free. Let me know that how you think about the Apple’s App Store 5th birthday in the comment section below.


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