Apple app store hits 50 billion downloads

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Apple app store hits 50 billion downloads

Apple app store has been reached up to 50 billion downloads. It is a big achievement for the Apple company that people have been taking interest in Apple’s devices for a couple of years. Who will be the winner who contributed in the Apple app store? Yet to be decided. He will be bestowed $10,000 for the App store. Fifty extra winners will also receive $500 bucks.

Apple app store reaches 50 billion downloads

The landmark has been approved by the Apple’s website which showing a graphic message ‘’Thanks’’ in written form using the award-winning app of iPad ‘paper by fiftyThree’’.

This is an amazing fact that I am going to tell you that the Apple app store took approximately 3 years & 8 months to reach the 25 billion downloads, while only 14.5 months to reach the next 25 billion downloads. This shows how the tendency of the people using Apple app store increased. It is a good news for the Apple that the users are showing interest in their devices.

Apple app store reaches 50 billion downloads

According to the statistics that the last 25 billion downloads approaching in a period of 14.5 months sets a pace that 20 billion downloads has been observed per year or you can say 50 million per a day. According to the AppShopper, Apple has endorsed nearly 1.2 million apps for Apple App Store since its start.


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