ZenDock Solves Docking Issues

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It seems very messy for MacBook users to attach different devices for multiple purposes that create confusions for them. This type of messy condition comes under the docking term that is now resolved by Zenboxx who developed such devices to solve these issues.

ZenDock Solves Docking IssuesWell these are launched in two versions the first one is ZenDock Pro and the second one is ZenDock Retina. Both are used for same purposes, but have some different specs. ZenDock solves docking issues come in working hours of MacBook users and facilitate them to join different accessories at one time without creating any trouble or gives a nice look to your system and gives the relaxing feelings to users.

Features and Compatibility with MacBook:

There is not any serious difference seen between both because the specs and features are the same like both have USB ports, headphone and microphone ports along with flashcard reader. But the issues arise for choosing this device to MacBook system so you need to aware about both versions regarding its compatibility. If you have MacBook with Retina features of 13 and 15 inches, then ZenDock Retina will suit for these and if you have MacBook Pro of 13, 15 and 17 inches, then you should buy Zendock Pro that will work better for your having device.

ZenDock Docking IssuesZenDock solves docking issues to combine all wires into one docking device to synthesize the cluster of wires. It can be used to make connections with thunderbolt, also has FireWire jacks and Gigabit Ethernet. The most interesting and best thing to use this device is that it requires just a single cable to connect different accessories with your MacBook system. It is only the speciallity of this dock system that you can purchase it for both MacBook systems differently either you have a MacBook Pro or a Retina MacBook that meets all needs of the users for purchasing a single thunderbolt device for this to connect it with your system.

Availability of ZenDock:

ZenDock DockingYes it is true that many other devices are also available in market with lower prices and considered a dock device including Belkin, Sonnet and Martox, but these do not work properly to solve the main problems. That becomes the reason for Zenboxx to develop a variety of docks like ZenDock solves docking issues in a more effective way. If you want to borrow this device, then you can visit Kickstar backers that provide ZenDocks in 109 $ for early purchasers whereas company will launch it to sell with huge difference of 179 $. Get ready to purchase your require one dock because it is assumed that shipment will receive in October of 2013.

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