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Normally desktop’s own speakers irritate users for its heavy and spread sound quality and if they want to attach extra speakers with it, then it requires much space, to avoid all the touchy situations you should use XtremeMac Tango Bar that is the nice solution to this problem.

Apple Mac, XtremeMac Tango BarIt is made of silver plastic with black end cap and has 6 speakers to make sounds more powerful. No doubt Mac system has its own good speakers, but this has extra features than Mac’s speakers and produce lovely sounds that enhance the beauty of voice. 

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Compatible devices for Tango Bar:

This speaker bar is a perfect match for any Mac and PC system or thunderbolt display whereas it is especially made for an iMac that enhance the glamour of iMac system, also decorate your room to have this nice accessory.

Apple Mac, XtremeMacYou can say that it is all in one accessory for window systems that can be used for Mac and PC. You can purchase this accessory in 99.95 $ and can enjoy the sound system of high quality.

Use and functionality of Tango Bar:

XtremeMac Tango Bar has easy steps to use and connect with your system that you just need a USB cable to connect it with your device which should be correctly inserted into both devices Mac and Tango Bar according to the setting of audio and power.

XtremeMac Tango BarIt has 10W amplified USB powered technology and another best thing is that it only has a single USB cable to attach for both plugs and audio. Once you connect this cable with computer, you can play it with your device.

You can make it simpler to convert its setting into automatic mode, and then no need will be to play each time. It has 6 speakers that enhance its quality with dual dome tweeters to produce sound with full bass, midrange drivers and passive radiators are also its spatiality.

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It has woofers that produce a balanced music. Moreover, microphone jacks are also along with it and a dial at the right side to control its volume.

It is easy to place under the system and look like a part of the Mac. There is no need to extra speakers after that and it takes no space increasing the beauty of the device. Additionally it can also be used with your TV and MP3 media players to get entertainment having perfect sounds from it, for this you have to make connections through adapter. XtremeMac Tango Bar gives you a richer, warmer sound than the iMac with dialogue sounding clearance.


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