Tryout an iMac 27 as a Monitor for PC

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iMac 27 means its 27 inches display screen which has its own graphical representation video card and show an image with high resolution quality. It is just like LCD and can be used as a monitor for other PC computers or PC laptops. Its back video input makesit possible to connect with other PC devices as a monitor. This is a strong point of this iMac that it does not restrict you at one point as you can have a lot of options to use it.

Its way to connect with a PC is very simple but need some basic instructions to do this procedure correctly. You have require a cable for this, that is called Mini Display Port in short (MDP) actually it is an adapter cable which is the single apparatus to make it a monitor. If you have this then there is no need to have anything else.

iMac 27Usability as Monitor

Connect iMac with PC:

If a person interested to make his iMac 27 is a monitor then he needs to read all these points given below:

  • If you have a PC and iMac 27 then the basic requirement of this process to start is MDP which is an adaptor cable as I mentioned before and nothing else require except it.
  • Place iMac in front of the PC system that you can easily view the display
  • After the whole setup detach the video connection from the monitor of the PC
  • Take DMP cable adaptor and use it to connect PC to iMac.
  • The way how to connect this wire? Then do not anxious about, just follow the instructions.
  • Take one point of the cable and attach it into the iMac’s Mini Display Port point at its back side.
  • The other point of this adaptor connects to the Mini Display Port point on the PC.
  • After making the correct connect turn on the iMac to check it. You will see a blank screen this will happen because your PC system is turn off.
  • You have to turn on the PC too. Then start the process to use iMac and to change the display open the start option then go to My Computer and jump to Control Panel to select the display which you want.
  • You can also choose the resolution, to change the resolution click the resolution button appears on the window then select the 1900X1200 and click the button to apply at the bottom of the window.
  • When you have done your task then turn off the iMac 27 and turn off the PC too. Detach the cables of MDP from iMac and PC too and place the iMac wherever you want to.

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