The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

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The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

Our new roundup of iOS accessories brings you new assortment of stands, batteries, speakers and keyboards, plus some iPhone-controlled bug that you can use to scare your little sibling.

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The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

The Magnus Mini ($30) is a stand for your tablet that uses the iPad mini’s magnetic edge to  prop it up in the landscape orientation. The rubberized surface saves the stand from scuffing or scratching your iPad.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This WeekThe Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker ($15) for mobile devices & Bluetooth enabled computers. It is a little, 2.2 ounce marvel which pumps out your favorite tunes from any wireless device, iOS or computer within 32 feet. You can use this nifty speaker for up to 6 hours on a single charge.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This WeekThe Trigger Trap ($40) allows you to remotely shoot your pictures on a DSLR camera, all that you need to do is to use your iPhone as a remote button for taking a good shot. It lets you to capture shot in a more friendly environment.

Nude Audio

The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

This company is producing a complete range of Bluetooth wireless speakers, well compatible with iOS devices, including Move L ($70) bookshelf model, the Heftier Move M ($70), and the Move S ($50; pictured). You can get some model this month.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

The Executive ($70) is a Bluetooth keyboard which can be used with either your iPad or iPhone. It lets you type naturally and props up your iOS device at a suitable viewing angle, thanks to the kickstand back. It weighs only 1.3 pounds and just a half & inch thick, making it a fabulous accessory to take on a road.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

First observed by our friends at the Like Cool, the iPhone controlled Bug ($40) allows you to scare your little sister or brother by remotely controlling the bug. That might be your last time you get to use that toy so be careful.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

The HyperDrive ($90) iUSBport Mini is a wireless flash drive for iPad and iPhone. It comprises built in wireless router that generates its own wireless network to share data with the nearby devices, allowing you to stream photos, music, and perform two way data transfer with up to 8 different devices.


The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This Week

The Bluetune-Bean ($30) is a sturdy, rubber Bluetooth speaker with the high-quality microphone for the speakerphone calls. Available in 6 colors and has a Carabiner so that you can attach it to your equipment or bag for up to 6 hours of the wireless playback.


The Ultra’Go Mini is a sophisticated backup battery that can perfectly slip into your pocket. It depends on vibration signalling so that you can easily know how close your device is being recharged.

The Roundup Of iOS Accessories This WeekThis nifty Mini available in Charcoal Black, Metal Sliver, Titanium Grey and Burgundy Red. The company has not yet provided information on availability or pricing.


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