iFaith App for Mac OS X Launched on April, 7

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If you are a user of Mac OS X, you will be glad to know that iH8Sn0w launched iFaith for your system to save your certificates directly from your device.

This will be beneficial in the sense when you want to upgrade your device with the latest firmware and need to have a backup of your system which will help you to store your precious data for future use.

iFaith app for Mac OS X

Though it is not confirmed by the iH8Sn0w, but rumors spread this news for users that after 7 April they can use iFaith app for Mac OS X system to get advantage with this useful app.

The latest version of faith 1.5.6 has been released before a few days ago preserve SHSH blobs on Apple TV 5.3.1 and IOS 6.1.3 on iPhones. Moreover, this version also resolved the validation issue of APTicket on Cydia.

Compatibility to use iFaith:

Compatibility to use iFaithYes it is true that before 7 April, it was not possible for users of Mac system to use iFaith for saving SHSH blobs because this application has not made for this system and just can be used with other IOS devices like iPhone 4, 4S, 3 GS and latest iPhone 5.

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All models of iPad have compatibility to download this and iPod touch up to fifth generation has competence to support this app. Now it can be used with Mac OS X, but currently it is available just for Window systems. It is considered that downloading facility of iFaith app for Mac OS X will be available soon.

iFaith for Mac OS X:

It is easy to use for millions of people around the world for preserving their SHSH blobs and can store these for further use to downgrade your device with the latest firmware.

It becomes necessary for people who buy new devices with the old one version’s of firmware, then they need to have this app to make backup and comfortably complete the whole process of preserving data.

iFaith application for Mac OS XUntil yet you can use TinyUmbrella instead of iFaith for your Mac OS X. If you are interested to download this app, and then click this link www.idownloadblog.com/tag/tinyumbrella It will make your download easy and wait to release of iFaith app for Mac OS X system.

Once it launch then you can easily downgrade your device with the previous firmware version like if you have an iDevice and want to upgrade it with the latest IOS version of 6.1.3 then you can backup all SHSH blobs which enables you to use it when you wish to downgrade your device with your prior version it may be IOS 6.1.2 or 5.1.1, without which you cannot take it back to the previous jailbroken version.

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