Connect Mac OS 8.1 To TCP/IP Network

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Do you have an old system of 1998 in shape of Mac OS 8.1 and want to connect it with the laptop supporting TCP/IP network with the same GE device? Yes it seems difficult to connect Mac OS 8.1 to TCP/IP network of vista laptop, but it can be possible and readers will get a way to use their old Mac systems with the IP of their existing laptops.

Mac OS 8.1 to TCP/IP network

If you have IP and the subnet of IP code with GE ultrasound system to ffffff00 (that is the notation for subnet mask), then you cannot connect your Mac with this network whereas a laptop can easily attach to this networking connection using the GE set of along with the subnet of

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Well it brings a question in mind that is there any need to have the new subset connection for the old system and if not, then how can it work with this device, also cannot be possible to connect Mac directly with this network, here we discuss this matter with the solution scroll down the page to view its way.

Way connect Mac OS 8.1 with laptop network:

All networks are based on subnet codes and subnet mask which work to detach the network addresses and host addresses. As you know that Mac OS 8.1 is fifteen years old device and it is difficult to fix this system with today’s fast networking connections, but you can Connect Mac OS 8.1 to TCP/IP network on your laptop by knowing a few things about it.

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  • At first you have to know about the mask of subnet that, it should not be the similar as the subnet whereas it should be identical with the mask of
  • Sometimes to change the Ethernet cable can also resolve this issue, but usually it remains fail even trying a new networking hub cannot work.
  • Another method of connect Mac OS 8.1 to TCP/IP network is to use ping app of Mac TCP which can easily download by the given link:
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  • After downloading this app on your Mac system,you become able to ping the network card of Mac. This way will work wellif your system’s hardware is working properly.
  • This is a useful method then other trick, after doing this you can easily run the internet connection of your laptop on to your old Mac system and can share the network of your laptop’s IP and the subnet of IP.

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