5 Most Useful Mac Utilities for Everyone

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Are you a Mac user and like to explore more possibilities to enhance your Mac OS experience with the utilities you never know? You might never come to know if you are not visiting this tremendous Mac and IOS knowledge and news hub.

Utilities generally refer to the supporting applications and systems which are designed to increase human efficiency more enhanced. Utilities downloading, buying, installing and knowing more and more about updates are common trends about Operating system Utilities.

There is a bunch of resources of Mac utilities information to know and to utilize in best possible manner in order to achieve best results. No matter you are a personal user or business user, you would love to know about these utilities.

Take a look on 5 Most Useful Mac Utilities for Everyone


CoconutBatteryCoconutBattery is an extremely useful Mac utility which tells you about your Mac product battery’s health. You don’t need to worry about your battery’s shortage. Its technology time when these apps and utilities can guide you and ultimately help you in making your life easier. CoconutBattery keeps an eye either you plugged-in the right charger for power supply or not. It works intelligently to check battery and power issues.


AppFreshAppFresh is one of the beneficial utilities for Mac users. AppFresh checks the updates of different Mac OS softwares and utilities and provides the option to download the updated version of the programs which are being detected by this amazing utility. AppFresh covers third party software update detection as well. It increases Mac’s efficiency and productivity.

Focus booster

Focus boosterFocus booster is a time management Mac utility which prevents you to lose your favorite TV show or miss your friend’s birthday party. Focus booster actually makes you aware with the schedules through efficient alarming and scheduling systems with notification features to make sure that you never miss or forget the things you don’t want to miss.


SpaceControlSpaceControl makes you aware with the space disk availability and guides you when disk space shortage is being observed at the backend of your work-screen. Whether you are downloading or copying your back-up on your Mac PC, certainly you will never want to waste your time. SpaceControl reminds users about disk space limit through various ways which can picked in the preferences option.


MactrackerMactracker provides you an opportunity to know deeply to your Mac product. You would definitely be happy to know that how your Mac OS and machine are operating. Mactracker capitalizes the opportunity of being a free utility and works extremely good for Mac users to know about the system you are using. Its intelligently designed interface will give you an easy idea about the approach which was behind the design and development of this utility.

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