Ultrasn0w, SAM and Gevey SIM to unlock IOS 6.1.2

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Apple’s IOS version is 6.1.2 which is good for use in every sense which is easy to download, install and easy to unlock and jailbreak too, whereas on the other side it is still not possible for latest 6.1.3 version of IOS to unlock and jailbreak. IOS 6.1.2 provides you opportunity to use Ultrasn0w, SAM and Gevey SIM to unlock IOS 6.1.2 for your iPhone.

unlock IOS 6.1.2Except these options IMEI is one of the great opportunities to unlock your iDevice. Persons who want to jailbreak their device they have to rely on this version rather than latest one.

Supported basebands on devices for IOS 6.1.2:

Supported basebandsBefore you start to take steps you have to know about its compatibility with devices or either your device is compatible with it or you are wasting your time. Well this version can easily install on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices but on these categories like iPhone 5, 4 and 4S or iPhone 3 GS. By knowing all this, to Use Ultrasn0w, SAM and Gevey SIM to unlock IOS 6.1.2, you need to know about these device’s basebands supported to this version, iPhone 5 has supported baseband is 03.04.25, iPhone 4 baseband is 4.12.05, iPhone 4S baseband 3.4.01 and iPhone 3 GS has 05.16.08 baseband supported to IOS  6.1.2. This is complete list of supported basebands to this firmware.

Unlock iPhone with SAM:

Unlock iPhone with SAMSAM is an interesting method to unlock your device that if you have store SAM tickets to activate then you can easily do that whenever you want, but in case of losing and not having you need to have new one because without which you are not able to update IOS versions from previous one. Use Gevey SIM to unlock iPhone:

Frankly telling you about this software that this method is not useful and effective because it has vulnerability to keep sustain the status of your device, it will come back to previous condition of unlock after unlocking it once. A proper baseband’s use is very essential to update the new firmware.

Unlock iPhone using Ultrasn0w:

Within the use of Ultraan0w, SAM and Gevey SIM to unlock IOS 6.1.2, ultrasn0w is the best choice. Take its 1.2.8 version to unlock your iPhone having IOS 6.1.2, if you are going to do that then, first preserve the supported baseband of your iPhone then you will become able to unlock this version.

Using IMEI method:

It is very popular and long lasting method used to factory unlock the whole iDevices. It saves your device’s code to apple’s database for which you can easily update your device with latest versions of IOS.

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