How to Rename your Conversations in Message App – New Jailbreak Tweak

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New jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7

All of us somehow manage to spend some time on texting each other. So, we get some conversations at the end when we say TC or Goodbye! Our task is to let you know how you can get into the essence of the conversation instead of reading all of the texts. Here, we’ll cover a new iOS 7 jailbreak dubbed as messageRenamer7 that helps you rename any conversation in your message app.

The MessageRenamer7 iOS 7 jailbreak Tweak:

The handy jailbreak tweak is developed by Atlas Wegman, that allows the users to stay organized in their conversations with different folks. Due to this Jailbreak tweak, you can now label your conversations with any descriptive words. Your mates will compel you to tell them, how’ve you done it?

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This magic can be done on your device, need to spend only $0.99 and get it through Cydia. Here’s how you can get it:

  • Go to the Cydia
  • Look for ‘MessageRenamer7’
  • Install it, now your conversations are ready to get a name or label, which was impossible before this useful jailbreak.

Rename your Conversations in Message App

It’s time to taste the dish like a cook. Go to your Message application > tap & hold any conversation which you want to give a name. Now, you’ll get a new option of Rename. So, enjoy your conversations in an organized way.

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