The iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks for Screenshots – Feel the Ease of getting Screen Shots

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The iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks for Screenshots

If you are in a job of taking screenshots or got irritated with the simple methods at your iOS 7, here are two iOS 7 Jailbreak tweaks for screenshots waiting you to try. Getting screenshots has never been so easy before these new tweaks.

Usually, you’ve to press Sleep and Home buttons to take screenshots on your iOS device, then these taken shots go to the Camera Roll or PhotoStream, if activated. There should be something new with these two tweaks that helps us avoid all the fusses which we have to face. Let’s have a close eye on both of them.


The ClipShot deals with memory issues, which have become a nuisance for regular users. They find screenshots scattered all around in the album, and it covers up double memory when the PhotoStream is activated.

ClipShot lets you organize memory issues

Now, feel the difference after having ClipShot (iOS 7 jailbreak tweak for screenshots) on your device.  A pop-up will appear on your handset’s screen, confirming Camera Roll or Clipboard to save when you take the screenshots. That makes the process easy while attaching images. It introduces lots of new configuration features for managing screenshots easily.

clipshot iOS 7 Jailbreak tweak

Grab ClipShot absolutely free through Cydia.


screenshotsharesheet iOS 7 jailbreak tweak

The ScreenshotShareSheet is another useful iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, that allows the users to share their screenshots easily on the social networks or to attach to message. The aforementioned tweak aims at managing memory issues, while this one focuses only on sharing and doesn’t let you store images anywhere except Camera Roll.

It blends with iOS 7 so perfectly as it feels like an inborn part iOS than any other external jailbreak tweak. No more images will upload to the PhotoStream as you can disable it by going to the Settings – ScreenShotShareSheet – Screenshots in the Photo Stream. Now, you can also open your screenshots in iFile and Dropbox.

screenshotsharesheet a handy tweak for sharing shots

Put your hands on ScreenshotShareSheet through Cydia for only $0.99.

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