iOS 6.1.3 No Support for Evasion

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People love to jailbreak their iDevices to get freedom to download special apps from the Apple Store and also this jailbreak allow them to use their iPhone with one SIM card in foreign countries but now it is going to be in worst condition that you will not able to jailbreak your device with newly launched IOS version because iOS 6.1.3 No Support for Evasion jailbreak tool.

iOS 6.1.3 No Support for EvasionIf you are old user of Apple devices then you will have an idea about the evasion jailbreak tool’s importance which developed by a team of evad3rs in order to broken the door of your devices.

Apple recently introduced its latest version of operating system for every Apple device and it said before its launch that it will work with evasion tool to jailbreak your device but this turn in bad news after updating devices that evasion seems useless to do that.

How IOS 6.1.3 not Supported Evasion?

iOS 6.1.3 EvasionThis news was shared by Hacker Planetbeing that IOS 6.1.3 is failed to work with evasion. After this messy response in jailbreaking newly introduced version of IOS, evad3rs deliver a message for Apple users who wish to jailbreak their devices along with IOS 6.1.3.

They have to stay away from this updated version and be happy with your previous one, 6.1.2, because iOS 6.1.3 No Support for Evasion tool.It is suggested that you have to wait for the complete progressive report about this version to jailbreak otherwise you will just feel to stick you with this unbroken IOS.

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Apple has fixed many issues and passcode problems along with enhancement of Maps in Japan, so people are interested to run this version on their devices but will have bad experience in order to jailbreak it.

A Cupertino based iPhone maker “Forbes” has patched one exploit used in evasion tool whereas hackers are searching four others to patch with this tool. Well this is under process and hackers are struggling to find the best solution for this firmware till then you have to stick with your IOS 6.1.2 because evasion jailbreak tool can successfully used for all these versions without having trouble.


iOS 6.1.3From the whole discussion you can conclude that Apple finally able to release that one IOS which fixed many issues that lock screen vulnerability is now fixes, other this people can easily bypass their passcode and can access personal information on their devices, it may be their iPhones, iPads, and iPods. With all these fixes iOS 6.1.3 No Support for Evasion there jailbreak tool but this will not be for long time because hackers are searching the best one jailbreak tool for this firmware till then you can rely on it without jailbreaking process and enjoy the advanced features of IOS 6.1.3.


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