Free Download, Latest iOS 6.1.2 Firmware for iPhone 4 & 5

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Speculations and rumors are coming about latest Apple iOS update which is likely to be arrived soon.The new updated version is expected to perform and deliver highly effective results in terms of high bandwidth consumption and increased capacity.


By using and updating your iOS it makes your iOS device more effective and updated. There is a big user base of jailbroken devices. Many users of jailbroken devices can download iOS 6.1.2 ipsw. iOS jailbreaking is a process which is famous nowadays for removing the limitations and restrictions on Apple products being operated with iOS operating system of Apple through jailbreaking process.


Famous jailbreaking team evad3rs released evasi0n 1.4 version in their latest release of jailbreak iOS 6.1.2.

It is expected by the seekers that in the upcoming udpates in near future there will be one more update to come where it require some improvements in programming areas.


In Computer and technology development, Firmware is the combination of memory program and code setting to store data. Sometimes it refers to some upgraded package to enhance the capacity of already made system or program. Whether it is online updated or file form installable update, it does not matter.

Download iOS 6.1.2 Firmware updates:

iPhone 5 GSM

iPhone 5 GSM+CDMA

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4 GSM

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 CDMA


First of all you need to download evasi0n 1.4 release. There are few bugs and errors which need to be fixed in the upcoming releases. iOS 6.1.2 firmware will be fixing exchange calendar bug and improve user experience for battery life problem and increase network activity.

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Some application and software releases are not completed from maker and with the passage of time maker updates it and releases more extended versions to further provide assistance for the users. Such releases are meant to be solved previous version problems and removal of bugs.


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