How to Bump up iPhone Battery Life

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BattSaver iOS 7 Jailbreak tweak

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It’s always very disappointing when your handset suddenly shutdowns due to the low battery and you had to do an important task. So, are you one of them who really want to bump up their iPhone battery life? Here’s something waiting for you that’ll really speed up your iOS device’s battery life.

BattSaver iOS 7 JB Tweak

battsaver an updated JB for iOS 7

Recently updated for iOS 7 devices, the BattSaver allows the users to save their handset’s battery life in an effective way. You may find loads of other for the same purpose, but the BattSaver has been a favorite one for jailbreaking community.

This tweak isn’t a new one as it has already been released for iOS 5 & iOS 6 devices. It comes up with comprehensive system that’ll help you keep an eagle’s eye on your handset’s power performance.

Increase your iPhone Battery Life

The BattSaver iOS 7 tweak claims to bump up your handset’s battery life. But it’s not a magic lamp that won’t let your battery down for all time. It’ll keep everything in notice, which thing is burning your iPhone’s battery. It also offers a graphical demo of your handset’s battery usage, which later tells you how you can sidestep those unwanted things which are consuming your battery.

The BattSaver iOS 7 is now available for $3.99 through Cydia.

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