2 Useful iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks

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Useful iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks

After the official release of iOS 7 jailbreak, the iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks keep on adding intermittently. Now, this time we’ve got some useful iOS 7 tweaks through Cydia that are worth your device.

Home Screen Designer

A useful tweak for your handsetThe iOS users have been deprived of arranging their home screens as they’ve to stick with the typical layout. The Android users win the battle over here as they can freely design their home screens without any restriction. Anyhow, the HomeScreen Designer lets the iOS users arrange or design home screens as per their wills.

It’s not as cozy as you find in Android, but gives you an ability to arrange homescreen layouts simply by placing and dragging the icons around the homescreen. You can also adopt this tweak and tell about other folks. So, go ahead and put your hands on it.


iKeywi a best helper while typing

The iKeywi has been aiding iOS users for years, but now, it has been updated for iOS 7. This handy tweak helps you while typing as it offers a customizable 5th row to your iOS keyboard. I personally like this one, as you don’t need to go back for more options.

Above all, you can add your favourite keys to this 5th row providing you freedom of typing with ease. It may include emoji and symbols. But, it decreases the size of your typing view that can be ignored.

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