iTunes 11.0.3 Improves Miniplayer, Tweaks The Album Options

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iTunes 11.0.3 Improves MiniplayerIf someone is thinking about the new updates of the iTunes, which updates have been added or not. All the rumours related to iTune have become fail when the iTunes 11.0.3 arrives. There are some minor alterations that have been added to this latest version. The latest updates include certain tweaks to the program’s interface and some security issues.

iTunes 11.0.3 Improves MiniplayerSome modifications in the MiniPlayer have been observed in the iTunes 11.0.3 that now include a progress bar with the complete draggable playhead. The Apple’s AirPlay icon have been replaced by the new audio output button and you can see an audio output button when you are not having tasks over the window.

iTunes 11.0.3 Improves MiniplayerThe alternate view of MiniPlayer can also  be observed that you can clasp simply by clicking on album art: you will get a bigger window, fixated on album art, with the controls-plus playback, next, the audio output.

The latest view option in iTunes 11.0.3 brings album artwork on display in songs listing. Go for view> click on the show artwork. By default, the iTunes won’t show album art for the albums where your songs exits, by selecting always show option you can display the images.iTunes 11.0.3 Improves Miniplayer

iTunes 11.0.3 does not effect the iTunes 11 largely because there are minor alterations that have been added and it remains approximately same. This is good news for those who do not want to see the iTunes 11 to be changed and bad for those who want to see it with new ones or get bored with the previous one. The iTunes 11.0.3  possibly would not change your mind.

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