iTunes 11.0.2 Summarized

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The hottest iTunes 11.0.2 contains a vividly abridged player, an entirely redesigned Store and of course iCloud features. This is the best version that has ever developed. It is necessary to observe new features so that you can have a strong reason to get them.

iTunes 11.0.2 Summary

  • Completely redesigned: the latest iTunes helps you in exploring the new ways to enjoy your favorite music. Not only audio, but you can watch movies and desirable TV shows with great ease. This edge-to-edge design offers a user-friendly platform to every user. Customized design is also available for each movie, TV show or album in the library. You can give personal recommendations to improve the efficiency.
  • A New Store: Now you will enjoy a perfectly redesigned interface that makes it easier to use different features. Discover new ways to entertain yourself.
  • Play purchases in iCloud: your movie, TV shows and music purchases in iCloud appear inside the library. Now, it is more safe and secure for you to manage the content. You can directly play the desired song from cloud and this is just wonderful for everyone.
  • Up Next: you can easily see the upcoming song. See what is going to play next and then get ready for it. Simply skip the songs you do not like to listen to.
  • New MiniPlayer: There is no need to get concerned about the low space because MiniPlayer is going to help you in the right way. It includes adds up next, album art and more to create facilitation for you. The new elegant design makes you feel happy.
  • Improved search: look for anything in the iTunes with great ease because it has been improved. Just type whatever you wish to find out from the app store and download it on your device. You will not have to tackle junk search results.
  • Playback Syncing: Now iCloud remembers your position in a TV show or movie. So, you can resume the playback whenever it gets interrupted due to any important reason. However, your entertainment will not be stopped anything.

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