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This article is all about the usage techniques of app and iTunes store and defines 6 techniques to use Mac app and iTunes store in a more effective way. As you saw Mac app and iTunes are present in your mobile as applications, but when you open these it will appear in shape of websites. To download and purchase apps, music, tunes and videos from these stores look massive that you have to find your require one from a huge list of materials, but here you will find the best ways to handle this problem.

Use Web browser:

Use Web browser

The first and best source among 6 techniques to use Mac app and iTunes store is the usage of Web browser through which you can search your relevant material from A to Z that will help you find the best one option according to your requirement. Use Google browser and tap this link Grateful Dead to find the search that will give you four options. The first part is Grateful Dead which mean what you are looking for and the second site clarifies the domain following the colon whereas the third that describes the main area of search means you are searching from iTunes and apple store. The last one limits us to find the search from the US state.

Bookmark links to further use:

Bookmark linksBookmark page is a good habit of users that will take you on to the direct page without having any trouble to remember and easy to use, simply press the command plus D button to show the option to bookmark the page. Further a “Wish List” is also there for use in iTunes to add the favorite items.

Email URL to Friends:

Email URL to friendsAnother option can also be used to send the same URL on your friends address by copying the URL and mention it in your email to send it; this is for Chrome users whereas Safari users can drag the image of the item from the iTunes.

Share links:

Share linksIt is very easy to share links with your contact fellows or friends, for Google users just copy the link of your favorite page like music, videos, albums and so on, then share these links through email or Apple’s own messenger.

Prevent iTunes Links from opening in apps:

If your friend sent you a link to view an item and want to search from iTunes, then use Safari browser of Florian Pichler’s NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension that is freely available and allows users to open wanted apps from the stores. On the other side, for Chrome and Firefox users can click view in iTunes store button to visit these stores.

Drag the icons from the page:

One of the best ways among 5 techniques to use Mac app and iTunes store is dragging the icons from the page in order to access the things via iTunes and app store of Apple. Click the icon of the page that you want to save then drag it. Dragging an icon means copy the URL of that page which you can open easily. Except this, more than one icon can also be dragged by clicking ctrl and right click.

All these options are good to use to be expert in using Mac app and iTunes store to download and purchase the music, videos or whatever you want to just go ahead to apply these.

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