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Ipod popularity is gaining immense hype and everyone wishes to have the best ipod with the latest updates and better features. The ipods these days have become a symbol of glamour, style and technological knowledge similarly an ipod cases equally important. If a person has an expensive ipod, but is holding a worthless ipod case, the ipod will lose its charm. However everyone cannot afford very expensive ipod cases. Therefore, they have to use their creativity and skill to create something that would depict style and talent both.

iPod Case Creation


  • One would require two pieces of fabric that should measure about “10.75”*4” ”
  • Two pieces of interfacing is also needed and that should be fusible. It should measure about “ 10.75”* 3.75” ”
  •  A single piece of batting is required and it should measure about “10.5”*3.75” ”
  • Another single piece of fabric is required that should be “ 2” ”wide   and “2.5” ” in height.( tab piece)


The following details will give you an understanding on how to design a great ipod case.

  1. The  two pieces of fabric that are mentioned in the first requirement have to be cut length wise.
  2. Now the interfacing has to be fused with the material.
  3. Lengthwise folding has to be applied on the tab piece. The folding has to be in edge stitch and fourths.
  4. The right sides of the fabric have to be placed together. The batting should be added  and  has to  be pinned to stay intact.
  5. One has to be very careful regarding the seam allowance and it should measure up to “ 3/8””. Then sewing should be done keeping the mentioned seam allowance in consideration.
  6. The batting should be trimmed from  the corners of the clips and the seams.
  7. The right sides should be turned out and the corners should be poked out. Then pressing is needed. The opening has to be hand stitched.
  8. Stitching should be applied at the top and the bottom.
  9. Half folding should be applied to the tab that is located  at the back. Stitching should be done  near the edges. Back stitch is necessary at the top and the bottom.
  10. To beautify the case a split ring can be added.

The above tutorial will help you create a unique ipod case that would depict your excellence. However you can only achieve the desired result if you follow the directions mentioned in the tutorial in the exact manner. A better approach is to read a tutorial twice so that one does not make any mistakes and the final product is up to the mark and as per expectations of the user. The image below  gives an idea about the final product. It also shows that originality has far more attraction then common items. The best part is that all the items used in the making of the case are easily available at home and one would not  need to spend anything.


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