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People go through different mood swings during the day. There are times when you are no mood to listen to loud music. You want to sit back in a quiet place and listen to soft music. Well iphone headphones will do the job for you. These delicate headphones will maintain your comfort yet relax you in the best possible manner so that you can relish your free time. You can listen to your favorite tunes in privacy. You can even sort your day-to-day work further enjoyable by listening to music and doing work simultaneously. These are called the pleasures of technology.

Iphone Headphones Pamper


  • 1.  You will need your iphone.
  • 2. You will be requiring the pair of headphones.


The following points will guide you how to use iphone headphones.

  1. You need to locate the headphone socket at the top of your iphone.
  2. Take the headphone plug and push it in the socket. Sound will then played from the headphone.
  3. If you are using the Apple headphone you will also have the option to control the volume through the volume controls   instead of using the buttons that are located on the side of the headphone. You can increase or decrease the volume as per your wish.


  1. If you wish to continue using your headphones you need to take care of them. It is better not to listen to music in a high volume as it can adversely affect your ears and headphones both.
  2. Headphones are usually very sensitive and can break due to the slightest pressure so it is better not to test their strength.
  3. You should avoid putting your headphones in places like water.
  4. A strong pull can also destroy your headphones. Therefore you need to take care of this issue as well.
  5. It is preferable not to use small headphones to be used with a stereo system mainly because they are not designed to handle a stereo system.
  6. You need to avoid dangling the cord as well.
  7. You should also clean your headphones on frequent intervals. Most of them do get dirty due to immense use. You can simply use any cloth or tissue to clean them after every use. This way they will give a new look all the time as if you have just bought them.

iPhones headphones are designed for user convenience. If you want continue with the same pair of headphones for years you need to take care of the above mentioned suggestions. The above mentioned tutorial has also given an insight on how to use headphones in an effective manner. Infact this way of listening to the music is far better. There is no pleasure in listening to the music when the entire world is an audience or listening to a song. Another aspect that you need to take care of is that you should not opt for  separate headphone sets, try to use the one that comes with the iphone. It will definitely provide a better listening experience.

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