Good News; My Friend is Making an iPod Nano 5G Jailbreak

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IPod nano 5G jailbreak enables your device to run fast and to perform extra functions; also you can install some locked programs from apple store. IPod is used for listening music, videos and FM radio with making video facility. You have to upgrade your device before starting jailbreaking process. It is not a lengthy but cannot be able to jailbreak without having the latest iOS version which is an operating system used to run apple devices.

"Let’s get start a jailbreak show"

Nano iPod nano 5GIPod nano 5g jailbreak is a process to get it free from locks and other restricted programs. This is actually against the rules of company but people want to free their device from these rules to take extra functions from these products. Jailbreak provides you many facilities to use your device. If you have an iPod nano 5 g and want to run some extra functions on it then you have to jailbreak it first. There is a version of evasion which gives you the way to jailbreak but before applying this version you have to first convert its operating system up to 6 or 6.1. You can download the latest version of IOS by using different links available on web free of cost. Once you do that then you need to download the evasion version for 6.1.

iPod Nano

Then connect your device to computer to start the setup. Use a USB cable to attach it with computer. But before that make a backup of your iPod in case of losing data, not usually but sometimes it happen due to its restart process. This will benefits you and protects you from many future tensions of losing your precious data. Then make a separate folder to download the evasion tool version and give this folder name of “Pwnage” here you have to save this tool. You will see the file in a zip type which you have to distract in this folder and the original will appear.

“Don’t be overlooked to create Pwnage folder to download your evasion tool.

Tap two times onto the icon of evasion then the file will open to run. Then click the right key to see the option to start this way there you will see the options list and click the run as administrations.


iPod Nano 5GTo save yourself during this process just remove all pass codes and unlocked your iPod to make it simpler then tap the button of jailbreak. Once you do that this will start its functions. After finishing its full procedure you will experience of rebooting your iPod, so don’t afraid with that just reboot it then it will become ready to run the new application of Cydia but during this time you will have another option wither to jailbreak or not and you have to press the jailbreak key. Then you will successfully complete the iPod nano 5g jailbreak process. 

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