Generation 1 iPod 32GB with Large Multi Touch Screen

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Generation 1 iPod is the first device of apple especially develops for music purposes but it is just about the iPhone type and has many feature of iPhone. Its big screen to display things, its large size and applications but with the difference is that you cannot make calls with it. Internet Wi-Fi facility is available on this iPod. Its memory capacity is about 8 to 32 GB that you can easily store so many categories of music and videos including TV shows. You can enjoy music and watch movies by connecting the earphones to it. You can store things by connecting it to your computer and using iTunes there.

generation 1 ipodFeatures of iPod 1st generation:

Generation 1 iPod is not so different with iPhone just differ is its display quality and its thin structure whereas the size and some features are the same. You can say that it is the duplicate copy of the iPhone but users cannot use this device for their call purposes. It is not available in different colors if you are interested to buy this model that you have to pay for its two colors white and black. But it is better in sense of its large display size which attracts people towards it. It is touch screen system and operates through its touch way by flapping your finger.

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It contains other functions of calculator, safari facility, and internet with iTunes. It plays music with full range fun and you will enjoy its music and sound system quality. You can hold the buttons from its touch screen or displayed at the side of iPod. Moreover a very useful feature is there in iPod that you can catch the moments of your life through photography or through video making and this can be send to your other family members or friends with using internet. This is one of the best devices of apple which can run on internet and Wi-Fi connections which is very essential for users to search their required information or to send pictures and other files. You can say that it is all in one device in spite of doing calls to your contacts.

Generation 1 iPod is a useable device for your multi purposes with the applications of calculator, making a list of your contacts and can set times on the display or behind the display. In fact you can send messages by using net connections and can also make calls with the availability of internet. So it also fulfills the requirement of making calls and sending messages but only possible with the Wi-Fi or internet connection. You can use its huge memory by uploading themes, storing songs and video clips according to your choice. This is really a productive and effective device but huge and you cannot carry it easily and seems just like an iPhone.

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